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Breakdance Moves - 2000
Written by bboy.org   



Difficulty rating = Intermediate

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By - Bombjiggy

First of all before you can do this you must be able to do a 1990. You have to know which hand you wanna spin on usually the stronger one. Ok now before actually trying this move first practice by doing a regular handstand and lift up the hand that you don't spin on and place it over your spinning hand palm over palm, and try to balance like that for a few seconds, the longer you can stay up the better and practice alot. Now u are ready to begin first start out by going into your 90 and once you are in the air you lift up your nonspinning hand and u start to spin place your free palm on top of your spinning hand and try to pull of some spins... this move is much easier than a 1990 but takes a week or two to get one solid rotation down so it shouldn't be too much... just keep trying.

You don't spin on your fingers... you spin on the bottom of your palm.

You might wanna use a bandana or something under your hand when trying this for the first time. When you start to get better take it off.

Sent in by Bombjiggy - Based on original move description by BbOyStYlZe.

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