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Breakdance Moves - Baby Suicide
Written by bboy.org   


Baby Suicide

Difficulty rating = Intermediate

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Animation from Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - "It's Like That" video.

Pictured is a variation of a front handspring landing in a butt suicide. If you have a baby suicide animated gif, please send.

By - Kidd alpha pinoy

First you have to be able to do front handsprings.

Ok start off by doing a handstand and falling on your back. This should only take a few minutes until it doesn't hurt. Than after you got this you should be able to do it VERY well. Ok than when you do the handstand part for the handspring variation pull your arms away from the floor and land on your back. The momentum should push you towards the floor. Try this part on a bed or grass.

I hope this worked.


2nd description by Stephen

Here is the front handspring suicide. You should be able to do a regular suicide first.

1. Start in a handstand, and do a front handspring.

2. But instead of landing on you feet, land flat on you back with your hands behind you like in a kip-up.

3. Then there are plenty of things to do, do a backspin, or a freeze, or do a kip-up.

Be careful and practice a regular front handspring first.


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