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Breakdance Moves - Backflip
Written by B-boy HiuTang   



Difficulty rating = Difficult

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B-boy HiuTang

By - B-boy HiuTang

Hey All,

I assumed that you could do back handspring (if you don't know how to do it, go to http://www.dopemoves.com for more info!).

In order to do back flip you need a lot of momentum! The GIF animated showed above is harder than a backtuck, so the first thing you need to learn right now is B A C K T U C K!

Standing up, straight your body and your hands up in the air (this is how you get momentum if your hands in the front of your face and do backflip you will fall down on your knee!)

Swinging up your hands down to your back , and imagine you about to sit on a CHAIR and then SWING up your hands up in the air, try to imagine hit your knees UP to your face.

In order to land on your feet you have to tuck your knees to your chest, that's how you get high , cuz you ball your body and you'll landing down on your feet.

That's it anybody need any help, I'll help ya, keep breakDANCING 4EVER!


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