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Del Tha Funkee Homosapien: Sick Of It All
Written by Ifè Oshun   
delpubAfter spending years on the road tirelessly performing as both a solo act, and a member of southern California's legendary Hieroglyphics crew, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien has had it with the road.

In an exclusive interview, the exhausted emcee, recently returned from yet another extensive tour, told us he'd had it with life on the road as he struggled to recover from a bout with Legionnaires’ disease caught while traveling on an airplane.

His current lovelife, the follow-up to a disastrous relationship, provides even more impetus for Del to stay close to home, but lucky for fans, the funky one will be back on the road at the end of this month. In the meantime, check the audio interview below, and don't forget to catch his revealing documentary "The 11th Hour." The DVD, named after his eagerly awaited solo CD due to drop next year, features concert footage of Del performing classic joints as well as spending time in his home studio.

  1. First, Del says hello to the HRS audience. 
  2. Then, Del vents about touring: I'm sick of touring period. It seems like I'm never at home ever. If I get that sick again on the road I'm just gonna kill everybody that's in front of me.
  3. Del vents about getting sick while on tour: "I need a filter across my face."
  4. Del reveals his plans to wear a mask: "I'ma rock a gas mask basically."
  5. Del talks about his crazy ex: "Every time you turn around that ho be having some kind of new caper popping up. Like somebody shooting through my wall or... she breaking every window of my house. Eventually I had to move."
  6. What Del is working on now: "Right now we're working on a project, me Dan the Automator and Koala, called the Deltronic Second Event, which is basically a part two of Deltron 3030. I don't want to reveal too much, but it's not going to be like the first one."
  7. On the lovelife: "If I'm away from my girl too long I start getting mad. I gonna start turning into an asshole after a while."
  8. What people can expect from the upcoming 11th Hour?: "Thematically I try to take it back to my first album. Try to keep it current sounding for the most part. I've been studying music theory for the past seven years. I didn't dummy it down ... but I try not to make it too difficult for people to get into my vibe."


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