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Sadat X Explains Why October Shouldn’t Be So Black
Written by Michelle Cavanaugh   
sadatxpubNext month is a big one for Brand Nubian’s Sadat X. Along with the release of his fourth solo album, Black October, the rapper begins his one year jail sentence.

Sadat X, born Derek Murphy, was charged with criminal possession of a gun, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest last December.

“I brought it upon myself but I was definitely snitched on,” Sadat told HiphopRnbSoul.com. “Niggas snitched on me.”

It was three days before Christmas on 158th Street and Broadway in Harlem. Sadat flashed his 40-caliber Beretta handgun at a group of teens. The teens later reported to the NYPD that Sadat X, the former sixth grade teacher, was looking for a man with braids and threatened to “kill everybody.”
When NYPD arrived on the scene, the teens pointed out Sadat X who was still roaming the streets with his gun. When officers attempted to arrest him, he took off on foot and fled down the street but was quickly apprehended and arrested.

If he had the opportunity to re-live the moment, Sadat X admits he would do things differently.

 “I wouldn’t have been walking around with [a gun] on me,” he told us. “Even though I was walking around with it for years, you know. I would have just chosen to handle the situation a little bit better.”

Sadat X had been a teacher for several years. He decided to take a sabbatical last Fall to focus on music and touring. His advice to the children that look up to him: “Don’t get involved with guns.”

While the publicity surrounding him is a result of his criminal convictions, Sadat X has always impressed fans with outstanding music. Even in his darkest hours, he hopes that fans will be able to look beyond the fact that he is going to jail and, as he says, “Just try to focus on the music. It’s good music.”

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