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How To Breakdance
Written by Staff   


Learn basic and popular hip-hop breakdance moves.


Do you want to learn how to breakdance? Perhaps you just want to brush up on some breakdance moves... or learn new breakdance moves.



Whatever your breakdancing needs, we'd like to help. With the help of bboy.org, we're able to offer you a quick, easy-to-sort-through list of hip-hop breakdance moves. The breakdance moves range from beginner to difficult and everything in between. Be careful and have fun!

2 Step


 2 Step
 Applejacks  1990
 3 Step
 Baby Suicide  2000
 6 Step (aka Downrock)
 Back 2 Back Aerial Cartwheel 
 Backslide  Back Toss  Airbaby
 Backspin  Bronco  Airtrack
 Bounce Step
 Butterfly  Backflip
 Buttspin  Crab (aka Spider)  Back Handsprings
  Dizzy Run  Frog  Crickets
 Kneedrop  Glides (aka Slides)  Elbow Spin
 The Pompo (aka Switch)   Handglide (aka Handspin)  Flare
 Rolls  Hollowback  Forward Handsprings
 Side Freeze
 Kip-Up (aka Chinese Get Up)  Front Flip 
 Toprock  Nike  Gainer
 Uprock  Rubberbands  Halos
   Worm   Headspin
   Circles  Jackhammer
     Master Swipe
     UFO (aka Buddha)


Check out about 50 of our favorite breakdance clips on YouTube...


WARNING: We are not responsible for your injuries. If you attempt these breakdance moves, it is at your own risk. Use common sense. If you're a beginner, learn the easy breakdance moves before doing advanced breakdance moves. Where possible, practice on a soft surface. Remember to warm up properly before starting as this will help prevent injury.

Special thanks to http://www.bboy.org and http://hem.spray.se/sammorling where you can find additional breakdance moves and videos not listed here.


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