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Written by Staff   

Welcome to HiphopRnbSoul.com!

Note: On September 1, 2008, HRS became a social community where visitors can blog and read about new and upcoming releases. All staff-written reviews, features, interviews, chart and tour info before that date (2004-2008) have been archived and can easily be referenced in search.

Thanks for visiting. At HRS we believe that rap, R&B and Soul music must co-exist and thrive without all being lumped together under the vague umbrella definition of "urban."

We are dedicated to building a site that embraces mainstream, middlestream and underground artists at the top of their game. We believe that in order to truly appreciate our music's present we must understand our musical past, and therefore we embrace the genres' combined heritage and roots.

We do not pretend that music is a here-today-gone-tomorrow commodity: instead we acknowledge artists who have been in the game for decades as well as today's flavors-of-the-month and tomorrow's musical legends.

We cherish hip-hop culture and are dedicated to raising awareness of hip-hop history as well as the history of rap, R&B and soul music. If you're not sure about the difference between rap music and hip-hop culture, read this.



Ifè Oshun (Owner)


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