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Breakdance Moves - Back Handsprings
Written by B-boy HiuTang   


Back Handsprings

Difficulty rating = Difficult

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Before attempting to do a backhand spring you need to do a backbridge to help you improve flexibility to your shoulder.

To start:

Straighten your body in horizontal your hands up in the air, swing your hands down really fast, while swinging your hand and you about to bend down try to imagine that you about to sit on the chair then legs push down really hard, launch up your hands and EXTEND OUT YOUR SHOULDERS through the rest of back handspring. That's how you push your hands on the ground and push yourself over.

How do I learn backflip? Check out Chimp's Capoeira website, they will teach you how 5 or 7 ways to do back handspring

Note from Brink:

Ok, in the animation the backhandspring is done wrong and it probably hurts your wrists a whole lot doing it that away.

First, the sit, in the animation he kinda sat foward, you need to sit back as if your going to fall on your butt. Next the swing, you swing behind you then over your head. Stay extended. Next the jump. While falling or sitting, extend your legs don't try to swing them over your head or it will look sloppy like HuiTang's, it creates more momentem keeping your legs straight after you jump. Next the push. When your hands hit the ground, keep your hands extended and push off the ground.
- Brink

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