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Van Hunt: Showing His True "Character"
R&B/Soul Interviews
Written by Ifè Oshun   

Van Hunt Fun Facts

Favorite food: Cereal and sushi (but not together)

Sign: Pisces

Van Hunt has made a name for himself as an eclectic force to be reckoned with. His critically lauded, Grammy-nominated 2004 self-titled debut introduced us to a multi-talented artist making it on his own musical terms. Unfortunately, although critics and European audiences embrace the Dayton, OH native's alternative flavor, the US recording industry's marketing machine erroneously labeled him as "neo-soul." Despite the marketer's cluelessness, Hunt knows exactly where he came from and who he creates tunes for.

"One day I heard music - maybe it was 'When Doves Cry' or 'Mary Jane,' something I really loved - and it opened a whole other world for me," he shared. "As a kid, the road is wide open, and that excitement is what I want from a record. That's who I make music for, that same kid in me."

His latest, On The Jungle Floor, finds him embracing a slew of genres such as rock, R&B, punk, blues and pop.

"Some of it sounds like the Isley Brothers," said Hunt, "and some of it sounds like the Smiths."
In an exclusive interview with HiphopRnbSoul.com, Hunt took the time to shout out and shed more light on his music as well as his inspirations, favorite American Idol (Randy Jackson's his manager) and how boxing fits with his creative process.

Audio Interview (Quicktime)  

  1. Who, living or dead, inspires you?
    "I feel like the spirit of Theolonius Monk runs through me."
  2. You've taken your mom to big events like the Grammys. What role did she play in shaping you into the man and artist you are today?
  3. How does spirituality manifest in and as your music?
  4. What do you think you're bringing to the table with this album that you may not have with the first one? How have you grown? "I'm a big boxing fan. What they say in boxing is at some point you have to learn that you can't depend on emotion to get you through you gotta depend on your skill. And that's what I did with this album."
  5. Who's your favorite American Idol so far?
  6. Are you in love right now? If so, how does uplift you?
  7. Favorite designer? Where's your sense of style come from? "I get into clothes and sometimes I don't. If I lived near a beach I probably wouldn't wear any clothes." I could function very well in a nudist colony."



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