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Bobby Acknowledges His "Special Occasion"
R&B/Soul Interviews
Written by Michelle Cavanaugh   
bobbyvalentinopubGraduating from college with two albums worth of material, Bobby Valentino is fulfilling his own prophecy.

Following the release of his commercially successful debut album, Special Occasion drops this Spring and is guaranteed to satisfy anyone going through Bobby V. withdrawals.

His Southern Atlanta accent is enough to charm the ladies, but he is convinced that a real ladies man is one who can start up an enticing conversation. Go ahead, Bobby, take it away...

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Bobby Valentino: So this is the last interview of the day. It’s gonna be the Grand Finale! (Laughter)

HipHopRnBSoul.com: You probably get this a lot but I have to ask you about your name. Bobby is your real name but Valentino is your alter-ego. Is that for the ladies or what?

BV: Of course it’s for the ladies!

HRS: “Slow Down” is my jam! I heard that it was written about a girl that you never met walking around on Melrose. Do you ever go back to see if you can catch up with her?
BV: Actually my new single, “Anonymous,” produced by Timbaland is the follow-up to “Slow Down.” I’m going on a World Tour looking for that girl! She could be anyone, or everyone. She could be you. You could be that girl! (Laughter)
HRS: What made you title the album Special Occasion?
BV: Cause I got a song for every occasion, whether you’re breaking up with your girl or making up with your girl. And also, the fact that I got the chance to put out a second album, that in itself is a special occasion. You know, it’s tough. A lot of artists don’t even get that opportunity.
HRS: What other producers did you put on the album?

BV: I got Tim & Bob, Brian Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal, Sean Garrett and, of course, Rodney Jerkins. These are all hot, big-time producers and for these guys to want to work with me, that's a special occasion as well.

HRS: Were you more involved in the songwriting process on this album?
BV: My first album I wrote 95 percent of the songs. This album I wrote 85 percent of the songs. You know, that’s why I had to have a variety of producers. If you don’t switch it up, you gonna hear the same music. It’s gotta be different. 
HRS: I heard you rap a little bit on this album.
BV: I did rap on this one track, “Wreck,” but it actually got cut from the album. But it’s going to be put on the international album. That should be out later on. Maybe three weeks after Special Occasion, maybe a month. I was just talking to this lady from London and she said that the Danity Kane album just now got released over there. I was like ‘Damn!’
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HRS: You had some previous fame with the group Mista, especially with the debut single “Blackberry Molasses.” How has that experience helped you today?
BV: I would say with the Mista situation it helped me learn that it’s not called the Music Business, it’s called the Business of Music. When I was in Mista, I was just having fun, enjoying singing and stuff but I wasn’t making money cause I didn’t know about the business. But now I’m a hands-on, day-in-day-out with every decision that’s made with my project cause I know about the business. I made a little money. I do this because I love it, but I also want to be financially stable, as well. I work hard. I definitely know more about the business, aspects of the game and that’s what the Mista situation taught me. You gotta be targeted on your business.

HRS: Talk about your college experience.

BV: I went to Clark Atlanta University. I graduated and got a degree in Mass Communications in Radio/TV/Film. That was like one of my biggest accomplishments of my life, I gotta say. It was a challenge for me. It was during the time after Mista. I actually went back to high school, graduated from high school and then I went to college. It was crazy cause it was like I was going to class everyday, I played sports, and I was in the studio. I was juggling a lot of things. Right after I graduated from college, I actually got my [record] deal. That was like the best graduation gift that a Grad could get!

HRS: What would have you pursued, if not your singing?

BV: Honestly, I thought I was going to work at singing til I died. This is really my passion! This is what I wanna do, I couldn’t see myself doing nothing else. Maybe, possibly, being a radio host or something like that. It’s tough being an artist because if people know you, like from Mista back in the day, so you know everywhere I go, I go to the mall, “Hey, when Mista coming back out, when ya’ll coming back out?” It’s kinda hard thinking like I couldn’t get a job at McDonald’s cause instead of saying “may I take your order?” people are gonna be asking me “Hey, when Mista coming back out?” You know what I’m saying? So it’s kinda hard. That’s why I want to try to be consistent and make this career have some longevity.

HRS: With your musical idols being the suave Isley Brothers and Marvin Gaye, it’s no secret that you love the ladies! Got any pick-up lines?

BV: I’ll give you some bad pick-up lines, how about that? ‘If I could change the alphabet I’d put you and I together.’ I’m gonna give you one more. ‘Are you from Tennessee?’ And she say, ‘Why?’ ‘Cause you’re the only ten I see.’ But let me tell you one that works sometimes too. If you see a girl, just be like ‘Where I know you from?’ And look, you don’t have to know from her from Jesus and the Disciples. But she gonna stop and she gonna be like ‘I don’t know, where do I know you from?’ Then you gotta be on point. You gotta be like ‘What school did you go to?’ And that’s how you start a conversation and you gotta pull it around from there. (Laughter)

HRS: Hey, I’ve heard that one before!

BV: (Laughter) Everybody that use that line, they gonna need to mail Bobby Valentino a check for 99 cents, no tax. They can mail it to my mama’s house. I need my royalties.

HRS: Alright. Thanks for talking with us. Any last words for the HipHopRnBSoul.com audience?

BV: My album comes out April 3rd, April 3rd, April 3rd. Make sure you go buy the album, Special Occasion. I guarantee you gonna love it. If you bought my last album you already know how I do it. I’m just asking for all my fan’s support on this album!

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