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The Procussions - From Colorado To Brooklyn
Written by Ifè Oshun   
The ProcussionsColorado is represented lovely by Rawkus Records' trio The Procussions and their old school approach to making quality hip-hop music.

On their sophomore album, 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents, Mr. J. Medeiros, Stro and Rez, prove they have the ability to stay in the game for a while. Mixing thoughtful lyrics with their signature percussive beats, they are also preparing to tear up the stage at the Brooklyn Hip-hop Festival (June 24).

Released May 30, the set serves as the major label follow-up to the independently dropped As Iron Sharpens Iron, and gets its title from a Bible verse.

“Five sparrows are sold for two cents and not one of them falls with out God knowing about it," Rez quoted. " It’s the idea that there is extreme amount of value in a person created with a purpose. We lessen and cheapen everything about ourselves.”  

Stro, who serves double duty as an MC and sole producer, summed up the role of The Procussions who, as they push the rap envelope, pay homage to traditional hip-hop music.

“We believe the heart of hip-hop is the drum, the percussion, it’s the driving force that sets it apart from all other genres.  The rhythm patterns alone of a rapper are much like a percussion instrument.  It’s important to get to the root of things in life and the root of hip-hop is the percussion.”  

The group took the time to speak with us to share their views as well as their excitement surrounding the upcoming festival which sees them share the stage with Big Daddy Kane in what they call "the throne of hip-hop."

Frequently compared to Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against The Machine), the usually outspoken Mr. J expressed humility when speaking about what they'll do in New York City while offstage.

"[We'll] take a deep breath of that NY environment that culture," Mr. J confided. "Take a trip to Fat Beats. It's a lot of looking and staring in silence. Were gonna be driving in a cab staring out of the window. We're gonna be walking around staring at buildings and feeling the environment and not saying much I'm sure."


The Procussions Audio Interview (Quicktime)

  1. Mr. J shares his excitement about performing in Brooklyn.
  2. Stro talks about the group's collective musical background.
  3. The trio talks about future plans. 
  4. The Procussions share their musical inspiration. 



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