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K-Os Talks New Album, Says Nas Can Bring Hip-hop Back To Life
Written by Ifè Oshun   
k-ospubOn a serious grind in support of his third album Atlantis: Hymns for Disco, eclectic emcee K-Os wasn't too busy to tell us about all the love he's received on the road.

After acknowledging his U.S. trek with Gym Class Heroes as his "second favorite so far," he went on to clock a slate of tv appearances including David Letterman and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Known for his unique blend of hip-hop, rock, reggae and dance styles the rapper/tenor is currently gearing up to tour Europe in late May, afterwhich, he'll be part of the Warped Tour, which starts June 15.

We took a minute to talk with the Canadian artist about the response he got on his U.S. tour.

"People know the old songs, "Emcee Murdah" and "Superstarr," he shared. "'Sunday Morning' [from his current album] is surprisingly getting a reaction from people, which I love. Nothing is more fulfilling than watching younger kids get into your stuff and end up getting converted and go through every song on your playlist."

The self-described "b-boy" who lists his inspirations as "Tokyo Police Club, Aretha Franklin, Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Souxie and the Banshees, Nancy Sinatra, Lee Scratch Perry," just to name a few (listen), took the time to give us a shout (listen) and spoke on the future of hip-hop, extraterrestrials, his new album and more.

Audio Interview (Quicktime)

HiphopRnbSoul.com: Your music brings hip-hop back to its roots of embracing all types of music, do you feel you have a personal mission?

K-Os: "I could sit here and lie, but I just never had any boundaries put on me." More..

HRS: Nas said it, the news said it... is hip-hop dead?

K: "Nas can say that because he happens to be one of the emcees who can bring it back to life. Death is part of life."  More...

HRS: What do you see hip-hop becoming?

K: "I wish there would be more balance and also the elements of hip-hop would be celebrated, like b-boying, graffiti and the DJing." More...

HRS: What Atlantis song or songs resonate most for you?

K: "Cat diesel. That song comes out of just going to clubs and dancing." More...

HRS: Your first two albums were full of judgements against the rap industry. What changed your attitude toward hip-hop between albums?

K: "I met a lot of girls. And I went to parties and had fun again like I did when I was a kid." More...

HRS: After meeting all those ladies, is there a special lady in your life now? Listen...
HRS: Speaking of love, tell us about the love you received from the US audience.

K: "Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing young kids get into your song... Canada I didnt get that, here there's an immediate reaction." More...

HRS: You reference exterrestrials from time to time in your songs and videos. There've been a lot of sightings in 2007 so far, do you have any opinions as to why this is? 

K: "I think that we are the prime truth that there are aliens because we are aliens ourselves." More...

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