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50 Cent - Curtis: Album Review
Written by Shonuf   

hip-hop reviews Why is rap dead? Listen to Curtis, the third studio album from corporate thug 50 Cent to find out.

Displaying almost zero growth since his last album, the Queens native seems very comfortable with his status of a all-hype, no-substance marketing machine.  
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The embarrassingly manufactured "feud" between 50 and Kanye West was more interesting than 50's release. Although the hype was concocted to conceal an obvious lack of anything - rap skills, imagination, initiative, creativity, you name it, the media-induced cloud wasn't thick enough to hide the fact that the ignored "Ayo Technology" (featuring Timbaland and Justin Timberlake) is one of the most dead on misses on the 2007 no hit list.

The best thing about Curtis is that it will forever stand as a testimony to the reality that actual talent will eventually outlast even the most heavily funded marketing hype. 

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