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Michael Jackson - Thriller (25th Anniversary Edition): Album Review
Written by Brian Anthony Patrick   

R&B Soul reviews Call him "Wacko Jacko." Call him "The Man Without A Face." Call him the real "Peter Pan," but the one moniker we can all agree on for Jackson is "musical genius." 

1983 was the birth of Pop music as we know it today and unlike the lyrics of "Billie Jean," the kid was definitely Michael's son. Now, Thriller is twenty-five years old and back on the charts, flirting with an audience whose musical tastes it helped to create.

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With new bonus production by some of today's hottest producers, Thriller has added and detracted from its musical repertoire with a sound that is once again all its own. While most of Jackson's work on Thriller remains unchanged, look for several classics to be revamped. On Thriller 25, "Billie Jean"'s haunted percussion is exchanged for a slower, sexier staccato arranged by Kanye West.

While many of the remixes by Will.i.am are a welcomed change of pace (listen to "The Girl Is Mine" without Paul McCartney), a glaring and almost unforgivable misstep is "Beat It." It may be the lack of Eddie Van Halen's trademark guitar riff or Jackson's and Fergie's give and go that kills this song, but something obviously doesn't work. Surprisingly, Michael's throaty, rebellious punk vocals prove to be a bit out of Fergie's range which results in four minutes of excruciating pain for the listener.

However, at the end of the day,
Thriller is still just that - a thriller and a monument of sound. The DVD bonus and never before released track ("For All Time") is more than enough reason to buy the album and feel like you're seeing the Moonwalk for the first time all over again.

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