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Erykah Badu - New AmErykah, Pt. One: 4th World War: Album Review
Written by The Theorist (K.E.H.)   

R&B Soul reviews Erykah Badu injected herself back into the industry with an eclectic mix of urban soul, jumping off with a blaxploitation funk groove—“Amerykahn Promise.” Beware, this album is schizophrenic and prevents any predictions as to what will come next. 

Certainly with Badu, you will get a conscious filled musical journey including political commentary, civil rights messages, to a one-on-one meditative laid back vibe like “Telephone” that will make a Buddhist monk contemplate life while nodding his head to the pulsating chords.

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Like classic soul artists such as Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield, Badu exposes her thoughts as a spiritual and cultural broker using music as her podium to speak to the world. Her second track “The Healer” reaches out to Nas, where she drops a wicked flow in a whispered timbre uttering “it’s bigger than religion—Hip Hop” and “we ain’t dead yet” over a seductive hip-hop groove.

On the other hand, prepare to get out of your seat and step to a mid-tempo dance groove draped in luscious horn arrangements in “Me.” And, just half way through the album you will have visited Africa in “My People” and landed in a deep-soul bass line grinding into the kick drum in “Master Teacher,” which converts into an uplifting Stevie Wonderish Latin-jazz feel. Ultimately, Erykah Badu manifested her power as executive producer of this project to cut an album that reflects her musical, spiritual, and political condition. From introverted monologues to public declarations, Badu drops a piece of her mind.

Download:  “Me” “Soldier” “Telephone”


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