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Fat Joe – The Elephant In The Room: Album Review
Written by The Theorist (K.E.H.)   

hip-hop reviews Fat Joe’s new album, The Elephant In The Room, is another chronicle about life on the streets. Starting like a mix tape with “The Fugitive,” perhaps a gesture of keeping it real, this compilation doesn’t represent an experienced veteran in the hip-hop game.

There is no doubt that Fat Joe can flow when he gets ready, as he does in “Ain’t Saying Nothin’,” and “Get It For Life.” His artistic potential shines on “I Won’t Tell” featuring J. Holiday, where Joe drops the verses in the pocket over a smooth R&B groove produced by Grind Music.
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The excessive talk about crack throughout the album and the sample singing “I was raised in the ghetto” in “K.A.R” is overboard. The street got more things going on than “playing with the gat.” Ironically, a lot of the beats are banging like “300 Brolic,” yet the lyrics are pretty much the same: nigga, nigga, b****, ho. There is nothing else to think about . . . yes there is - crack.

On the whole, lyrical depth and finesse are missing. Although on “My Conscience” featuring KRS–One, Joe tries to find himself and hints at his frustration when he repeats: “my mind playing tricks on me,” which is better than telling everybody “I don’t give a f*** in “Cocababy.” The fact that the executive producer was “Joe Crack and absolutely no one else” as indicated on the CD insert is part of the problem among other sociological issues. Fat Joe is a talented artist. However, it’s risky business for artists to produce themselves because they easily get caught up in their own world.

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