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Danity Kane – Welcome To The Dollhouse: Album Review
Written by The Theorist (K.E.H.)   

R&B Soul reviews On their second album, Welcome To The Dollhouse, Danity Kane live their dream-come-true - to “sing and entertain” as P. Diddy explains in the intro. With 16 tracks, this album forges a hybrid of Rihanna’s sassiness and Madonna’s Confessions On A Dance Floor.  

“Bad Girl” and “Damage” represent the style of most of the songs on the album: urban R&B and dance music. This album wants you on the dance floor and uses its deep-house kicks, claps and futuristic synthesized sounds to drag you there.

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Featuring artists like Missy Elliot and Rick Ross, along with Mary Brown’s soulful and acrobatic vocal arrangements, the album keeps its ties with Hip-hop. In fact, you will hear that southern bounce in the track “Ecstasy.”

The group’s collective voice stands out on this album. Establishing a cohesive and consistent vocal blend comprising five divas is hard because egos are always on the line. It seems that these young stars stepped beyond that ego trap to find their vocal color. On the other end, there is room for more compelling performances that dig into their individual hearts. “Poetry” offers a glimpse into Danity Kane’s soul, as the musical production for this song deviates from the others with an acoustical arrangement of piano, strings, guitar, bass and raging drums.

Danity Kane worked as hard as James Brown to make this album.  You will definitely hear them urging you on to participate and clap your hands especially in  “2 of You” when they sing - “ if you feel it let me hear it one, two, three, four times.” It sounds like Danity Kane won’t stop ‘til you drop.

Download:  “Bad Girl” “Damage” “Ecstasy” “Poetry”


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