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Trina – Still Da Baddest: Album Review
Written by The Theorist (K.E.H.)   

hip-hop reviews Trina unleashes the drama of a female Hip-hop artist trying to stay on top of the game on her album Still Da Baddest.

This lioness of Hip-hop thrusts out warrior pheromones on “Still Da Baddest,” and “Killing You Hoes,” making sure the ladies realize “the b**** is back. Shortly after, her femininity blossoms a little in “Single Again.” But her charm and flow is felt the most when she teams up with two queens of Hip-hop: Keyshia Cole in “I Got A Thang For You” and Missy Elliot in “I Got A Bottle.”
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Trina’s unique voice, crafty lyrical skills, and versatility to rap on hip-hop and r&b beats are negatively exploited on this gangster and erotic broadcast. Also, the misogynistic treason she commits against her young lady fans in “Look Back At Me,” where she instructs someone to “slap it in my face,” abuses her position as a thriving and independent female rapper with the potential to be a positive role model.

Fortunately, sex and street drama do not rule all of Trina’s tracks. In “Clean It Out” she suggests that she may only be entertaining and “living the life of the rich and the famous.” On the whole, armed with hot street beats and luscious R&B music, Still Da Baddest confirms that Trina is comfortably enjoying the images she projects and the rumors she ignites. In fact, Trina shouts “I brought it from the hood to the big screen.”

Download:  “Single Again” “I Got A Thang For You” “Clean It Out”



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