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Day26 – Day26: Album Review
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R&B Soul reviews Diddy’s Boys, aka Day26 finally deliver their self-titled debut album, singing the same familiar tune over all-star production. 

The five-man group of Brian, Mike, Q, Rob and Will came into their own during the fourth installment of Diddy’s “Making The Band” reality show. And honestly if you want to really know who the group members are personally, you’re better off watching the MTV reruns.  

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Sonically, the debut is everything expected from a Bad Boy project; the production is BIG. Ranging from upbeat, bouncy club singles to the multi-layered rhythms of sensual ballads, the budget was certainly spent more on the production side. Standout tracks like the summertime smash “Silly Love” and the club single “Got Me Going” are surefire body-movers.

Lyrically and conceptually however, the album is very cliché and manufactured. It can be detailed something like this – 2 ‘I Miss You’ songs, 1 ‘Ride or Die Chick’ song, 1 ‘What Would I Do Without You’ Song and 6 Sex Songs – with singles in between. Seemingly, the artists themselves had no actual input into anything that went into the creation; there is no personal relationship established or any insight to the group’s direction or purpose, besides a club hit.

Vocally, the Making the Band Boys aren’t distinctive; at times it was difficult to distinguish who was who. The lack of personality and identity further contributes to the lackluster outcome that most factory-processed bands unfortunately suffer. Hopefully this isn’t the same with Day 26.

Download:  “Silly Love” “Co Star” “If It Wasn’t For You”


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