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Kidz In The Hall – The In Crowd: Album Review
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hip-hop album reviews The new class of Hip-hop are already sophomores in the game, as the Midwest duo Kidz In The Hall are now at the front of the class schoolin’ cats with their new album The In Crowd.

With a fresh, reawakening sound that Hip-Hop so desperately needs, Rapper Naledge and Producer Double-O dare to be different in the attack of the clones era we live in.
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The first half of The In Crowd is very experimental if anything else. It seems that the Chicagoan duo felt the need to stretch the margins to expand on their set image and be creative and innovative. The lead single “Driving Down The Block” show the group attempting mainstream success, “Lucifers Joyride” is an eclectic getaway track while “Snob Hop” and “Mr. Alladatshit” bring slick rhymes over horn-based samples. However, the first half lacks the personal and relatable subject matter made famous on their debut.

That changes with “Love Hangover,” an ode to Hip-hop featuring singer Estelle. From here on the album is conceptually on point. Producer Double-O seamlessly provides Naledge with smooth beats for a perfect fit. The title-track perfectly explains the group’s message of dealing with the “in crowd” over a melodic piano boom-bap. They save the best for last with “Inner Me,” the self-reflection song that will separate them from the rest of the new school pack and push them into rap’s elite.

The Kidz In The Hall work on refining their direction and sound on The In Crowd. While they have some more fine-tuning to do, the sophomore effort is definitely a step in the right direction.

Download: “Inner Me” “Alladatshit” “The Pledge”



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