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Hil St. Soul Interview
Written by The Theorist (K.E.H.)   

Hils_st_soulHill St. Soul’s lead vocalist, Hilary Mwelwa talks to HipHopRnBSoul.com about life as a soul singer/songwriter.

Her new album Black Rose is replete with songs representing her interaction with and feelings for life. In her interview here, she candidly speaks about her musical background and tastes. Check out the genesis of this soul sister’s journey.

1. HipHopRnBSoul.com: Why did you switch from biological sciences to music?

Hilary Mwelwa: A: “I never really switched, to be honest with you. Majoring in the biological sciences, that was kinda like a progression.” Listen

2. HRS: Do you come from a musical family?

Hilary Mwelwa: My dad is the original old-soul boy, if you’d like. He has a massive record collection—James Brown, Stevie, Marvin. I grew up listening to his musical influences and tastes, so that’s really where my. Listen

3. HRS: Let’s talk about styles, because it sounds like you’ve been exposed to a lot of music, yet you emit is a soulful sound.

Hilary Mwelwa: Yes, definitely. I think it’s soulful because vocally I looked up to people like Aretha. She’s one of my favorite old time singers. I love her earlier material. I love Whitney Houston when she was huge, so I grew up listening to her. They were my roots. That’s where I got my influences. Listen

4. HRS: Is your music neo-soul music?

Hilary Mwelwa: Not really, I think my music is just soul music. Listen

5. HRS:  What is music to you?

Hilary Mwelwa: That’s funny, I was having this conversation with my mother the other day. For me music is a catharsis, it’s therapeutic. You go through so much in life. We all experience ups and downs. Listen

6. HRS: The background vocals sound very tight . . .
Hilary Mwelwa: I just feel like they are just as important as the lyrical content . . . Listen

7. HRS: Did you encounter any challenges when you were recording your album Black Rose?

Hilary Mwelwa: When you’re working with other people or in conjunction with another label there is always a time element . . . Listen

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