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Danity Kane, Day 26 Gear Up For MTB4 Tour
Written by West Brown   

 Fresh on the heels of making Billboard chart history with back-to-back No.1 album debuts from acts Danity Kane and Day26, P. Diddy has announced his intention to let the good times keep rolling by putting the two groups on the road. 

Hip-hop And R&B/Soul Tours
Written by Staff   

 Alicia Keys hopes to generate the same excitement audiences displayed on her recent sold-out European outing.

“I wanted to make this show unique and different from my standard style show,  so the approach of this tour is like a journey; from the beginning of my life, leading up to where we are now,” said the native New Yorker.  “I’m communicating a lot to the audience through the music and by talking and sharing personal stories."


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