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50 Cent Offers The Game A Truce   Print 
Tuesday, 08 March 2005
50 Cent has offered an olive branch of peace to The Game after a week of tension, violence and overall bad vibes.

"I am allowing them the opportunity to bow out, to move forward," 50 Cent said in a live interview on Hot 97 broadcast from an undisclosed location. "If me competing is making the New York Police Department feel like there is going to be violence, then I will fall back for a moment."

Game has yet to respond, but was seen Saturday on stage in California where he taunted 50 saying, "Come and get me."

50 did not say whether he was willing to take Game back into the G-Unit fold.

"I am making a conscious decision to try to be nice about this," 50 continued. "The situation is definitely unfortunate, but I'm going to try to communicate with him. I know people think that I love trouble, but I just don't run from it."

Rumors say there was beef between the two rappers before last week's Hot 97  interview with The Game who said he would not only separate himself from beefs 50 is starting with veteran rappers, he would also work with his rivals, including Nas, who 50 dissed in "Piggy Bank."

"What he said is not enough to say I hate him," said 50 Cent. "It's something we can get past. It's not that crazy. I want to have a conversation with him to figure out what's going on."

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